local service

$3/mile plus $2/person ($10-$14 minimum) Wait time $1 per min

 Group rates apply on groups of over 5-6ppl.  Skis/boards $2.  Uncrated dogs $10.

 Add $10 for pickups between 3-6am.  Shopping service $5-$10 plus mileage. 

Airport Service

Stowe village area to BTV $85-$95 + $5 per extra person,  Ski Resort to BTV $100+$5 per extra person. INBOUND pickups $95-$110 plus $5/extra person. Extra charge outside village. Add $10 between 3-6am and  on weekend nights (5pm-3am),  $5 for skis/boards $5 for a crated animal, $10 for an uncrated animal. Extra fees for inclement weather or on Holidays. 


Long Distance (50 MILES+)

$2.50/mile ($3/mile on weekends during high season

(December 20-March 20). $5/extra person between 30-45 miles, $10/extra person over 45 miles. Extra charges for extra bags, ski/board bags, animals, bikes. Extra fees for inclement weather or on Holidays.   

Sample Rates

Montreal : $425-$475 

Boston: $500

New York City: $750 

Lebanon NH Airport: $185

Hourly Rates (2HR MIN)

4-person Prius=$60/hour

4-person Jeep Grand Cherokee=$75/hour

5-7ppl in 11-passenger van=$100/hour 

8-11ppl in 11-passenger van=$125/hour

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